Workshops & Public Speaking

I organize professional and community workshops around film and gaming and I offer my services as a trained speaker to give lectures, MC events and moderate panels.


Public Speaking

Events, university guest lectures and panel moderation, I offer high quality and professional speeches, lectures and public conversations. 

  • Lectures at Yonsei University, Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts and Dwight International School.
  • Moderator at the Kweb-Fest 2015.
  • MC at Toastmasters events and Korean cultural events.

Yonsei School of Business Film Camp

The Business Film Camp is a recurring workshop that I organize at Yonsei School of Business in Seoul. The hosts teach the basics of filmmaking to business students who, over the course of one weekend, must create teams, come up with concepts and shoot one ad and one short film. 

RPG Game Masters Workshop

As part of a long process to develop a quality English speaking gaming scene, I organized a workshop to train Game Masters, mainly for the Dungeons and Dragons RPG tabletop game but adaptable to other game systems too. The goal was to create a wider pool of Game Masters thus offering more opportunities for RPG gamers.

Gaming Flea Market

Not quite a workshop but still a sizeable event that I organized to help RPG and board gamers to buy and sell their games. It is challenging to find games in English at a decent price in South Korea and this event offered a chance to tap in a very active second hand products market.

Camera Placement for Maximum Impact Workshop

As part of the International Filmmakers Guild of Korea, I organized a workshop about camera placement. My team and I invited a professor from overseas to teach about efficient ways to place the camera in each scene to show how it impacts the way the story is experienced by the audience. 

Interviews with Industry Actors

The Korean film and TV industry is very difficult to get into for actors and that's why I decided to invite some of the people who actually made it and setup interviews in a very private environment where the audience could ask all the questions it wanted. I ran two interviews, one with Sam Okyere and Jesse Day.

Actors Workshop

As with everything you're read so far (and thank you for that), this workshop was motivated by the fact that there is very little training available in English for entertainment professionals in Korea. This workshop's principles were to learn about the Augusto Boal techniques and offer international actors with some new material to develop their craft.