One-shot adventure in the Koryo Hall of Adventures setting for Dungeons and Dragon 5th Edition. The download is a zip file containing a pdf and two high-quality maps in jpeg.

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Adventure Title: Assassination
Setting: The Koryo Hall of Adventures
Reputation Rating: Negative
Adventure type: One-shot for characters of levels 5-6
Game system: Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition SRD/OGL
Maps Designer: Ruben Byrd & Aurélien Lainé

Adventure synopsis: There is a treasure that only one Goliath’s tribe can protect. That Goliath is Roardak and the adventurers are hired by an anonymous client to kill him and leave the treasure behind.

The Koryo Hall of Adventures

The Koryo Hall of Adventures is a campaign setting designed by Aurélien Lainé that uses Asia and more specifically Korea as a backdrop for the Dungeons and Dragons adventures. It brings together Magic, Korean culture and folklore as well as a few real-life places of historical value.

The Koryo Hall of Adventures is a focal point where all the people of the land in search of thrills, reputation and money, gather to take on jobs to save villages from attacks as well as bounty hunting. The Koryo Hall of Adventures attracts all types of people however and other jobs such as robberies and hired assassins are available for grabs. Therefore, adventurers from the hall may find both good and bad receptions from the local upon arrival. This is why Repute is of utmost importance in this setting and players must keep track of it.

With many visitors from all around the land, the Koryo Hall for Adventures is a pub, an inn, a practice ground and an office for all types of administrative and monetary transactions. It has a blacksmith and a potion maker and it is also possible to hire spellcasting services. Such services are in high demand and therefore not always available.

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