Airwaves Entertainment

May it be as a movie expert or a talk show guest, I regularly participate in fun and entertaining shows where I share my cultural background, my views and opinions on films or current events. Here are the shows on which I participated over the years.


Steve Hatherly Show on TBS eFM [LIVE] (2017)

Talking about weird news, studies and documentaries as a guest on the Steve Hatherly show. A brief but sweet appearance to replace guests on holidays for a week, deliver a gust of fun and get entangled in quizzes.

Show King on TBS eFM [RECORDED] (2016/2017)

I was part of a team of weekly guests on the "Around The World in 60 Minutes" part of the show. We would research and prepare scripts around a common theme and then debate ideas from different countries.

The Book End on TBS eFM [RECORDED] (2013/Ongoing)

Talking about book to film adaptation with the host and another guest, Darcy Paquet, in a quiet yet fun environment for this week end show.

101.3 Mainstreet on TBS eFM [LIVE] 2011 to 2014

Weekly guest spot as a movie expert. I would bring two films per week following a theme and discussing the ins and outs of the film industry. I stayed on Mainstreet for three years.

KBS World, French Channel [RECORDED] July/August 2011

Weekly guest spot for two months at the KBS World radio, French channel. I would prepare a subject on French culture and present it to a panel of Korean radio hosts and we would discuss it all together.