With over 10 years of experience as a producer, I brought to life documentaries, feature films, short films and web-series starting from low-budget grassroot style productions to higher budgets.



PRODUCER - This documentary visually shows the different aspects of Korean life and is narrated over by Koreans of all ages and backgrounds that are a part of it, all of it blended together to show the diverse aspects of one country that has tremendously transformed in a short time.

Mansudae Masterclass (2016) [FEATURE DOCUMENTARY]

PRODUCTION MANAGER - Expose the inner art business of North Korea in Africa.


Haebangchon - Chapter 1 (2015) [FEATURE CRIME DRAMA]

PRODUCER - aebangchon is a crime drama with an ensemble cast set a midst a mafia takeover of a small foreigner town in Seoul, South Korea. 

Bag of Bones (2015) [SHORT ACTION/THRILLER]

PRODUCER - A novice hitman is startled by all his 'contracts' terminating themselves by accident. He celebrates the chance to be paid the big bucks while not actually killing anyone until one of his targets refuses to die.

Call Coho (2015) [SHORT DRAMA]

PRODUCER - Coho is a proxy driver who gets paid to drive other people’s cars so that they can freely go drinking. His clients only think they see a man who is all out of luck but what mysterious past is he actually hiding?


PRODUCER - The sudden suicide of Anna Choi, a young Korean woman, forces her grief-stricken father, a powerful, corrupt man, to seek retribution against those responsible for pushing her over the edge. 

I, Profess (2014) [SHORT FEEL GOOD/DRAMA]

PRODUCER - A young teacher who must overcome his fear of speaking in public to truly become the teacher he wants to be and find the joy and warmth in his work.

The Empire (2013) [SHORT DRAMA]

CO-PRODUCER - 'The Empire' transports Shakespeare's 'Richard III' into a high rise penthouse and follows a manipulative woman who is turned on by a friend she believes murdered her husband. She turns the tables of vulnerability when she coerces him into a sexual encounter aimed to leave him at her mercy.

Perfect (2012) [SHORT SCI-FI/DRAMA]

PRODUCER - Paul's search for perfection seems to have been reached with Inara but it is what happened to Aurora on that fateful night which Paul cannot and will not forget. 


PRODUCER - ATtheCOUNTER is a comedy webseries about random people in bars, anywhere, anytime and discussing everything.


PRODUCER - In a world where zombies have become a daily pestilence, an everyday man loses everything after a single bite.

I Miss You (2011) [SHORT DRAMA]

PRODUCER - Two souls, separated, one missing the other and the other moving on.


PRODUCER - A man with strange dreams tries to find answers and a question too.

Freedom For All (2006) [SHORT REFLECTIVE]

PRODUCER - When an inanimate object finds its way to freedom, the world becomes a slightly better place.