Film & TV Director

Dedicated to meaningful stories, I love to explore ideas and build around them. I love beautiful classic shots that draw the audience into the characters psyche but also enjoy shooting more challenging shots that will draw the viewers into an alternate reality. I believe that a strong vision offers both a playing field for creativity as well as chance to experiment new and exciting ideas. May it be television, film, web-series or music videos, I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and offer the best finished product to investors while keeping my unique voice.


Bag Of Bones [2015/SHORT] Action

A novice hitman is startled by all his 'contracts' terminating themselves by accident. He celebrates the chance to be paid the big bucks while not actually killing anyone until one of his targets refuses to die.

Spicy Fight [2014/MV] Hip Hop/Comedy

In a spices market, in a MMA fight or in a restaurant stuffing his face with food, there is nothing too spicy for Jesse Day, a hip hop comedian in South Korea.

In Love [2014/TV PILOT] Comedy

IN LOVE is a fresh and addictive comedy series exploring the differences between the male and female perspective in highly identifiable situations at the movies, in the bathroom, at the gym, at the supermarket or with the in-laws.

Open Talk [2014/TV PILOT] Talk Show/Interview

Open Talk brings together a changing panel of experts and everyday people in the relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop to talk and debate about ideas and concepts, and dig deeper into social issues.


ATtheCOUNTER is a comedy webseries about random people in bars, anywhere, anytime and discussing everything.

Project ZT - Genesis [2012/SHORT] Horror/Zombie

In a world where zombies have become a daily pestilence, an everyday man loses everything after a single bite.