Assassination - A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

Finally, after a couple of months of work, here the 5th and final one shot adventure for the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. This one is the first adventure made especially for negative repute characters. Indeed, this campaign setting has a reputation tracking system that allows players to dig deeper into the virtues or the evil deeds of their characters.


In this case, the adventurers are hired to kill the head of an isolated goliath’s tribe called Roardak. His tribe has built a strong reputation as the guardians of treasures and secrets for a fee. The adventurers must kill him and leave the treasures behind. They will, however, make a huge amount of money doing so. 

Being bad pays well!

Many things have happened since the last adventure I published. First and foremost, I have made a lot of progress on the campaign setting text and it will be ready by the time the kickstarter event starts. I also started to work with an illustrator to get some primary illustrations for the book. Between scenes, locations and characters, I am happy to see the world I am creating come alive. I have also been working on alternate books for the kickstarter such as one shots compilations and most likely a full on campaign adventure.

As usual, check out the previous adventures that I published (A Ghost By The RiverDark Mist Over The MountainThe Burning Jewell and The Cave) and make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram to keep in touch with the many cool upcoming projects. You can download this adventure in the book of adventures presented here!