The Cave - A Dungeons and Dragons One Shot

I am very happy to publish a new adventure in the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting. As usual, I tried to push forward with better map designs, thanks to Ruben Byrd, and I tried my hand on an adventure focused on dungeon crawl and modularity that can be integrated with any campaign as a break or a way to deliver a special object to the players in a longer campaign.

This is supposed to be a fun one with a few twists before I tackle the next milestone: the first adventure for characters with negative repute points.

A quick reminder of the reputation system in the Koryo Hall of Adventures setting: Repute is added up like experience. All characters start with zero Repute Points. As they progress, they either gain or lose Repute and thus influence their reputation with the locals and the authorities. Zero is considered to be a neutral Repute, positive Repute brings the adventurers favors while negative Repute can play against them. Certain missions will be given to characters with positive Repute while other missions will be accessible only to characters with negative Repute.

Now, I haven’t talked about this so far but later this year, I am planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to generate the necessary funds to produce a full campaign setting book for the Koryo Hall of Adventures. The funds will be used to hire a set of illustrators and map designers as well as editors and play testers to provide the best quality setting possible. Also, I am planning to produce the book both in English and in Korean. It’s difficult to find material in Korean for D&D gameplay so I think it would be a useful addition to the market.

Here are other adventures I wrote: A Ghost By The River, Dark Mist Over The Mountain and The Burning Jewell.

I hope you will like this adventure and I will be publishing another one before starting the campaign for the book. That one will be the Negative Repute adventure. Let’s get to it!

You can download this adventure in the book of adventures presented here!