The Burning Jewel - A Dungeons and Dragons One Shot

After what seems to be an eternity, I finally finished “The Burning Jewel,” a Dungeons and Dragons adventure based in The Koryo Hall of Adventures settings. I was supposed to publish this adventure in the middle of December but then, my could-be-fatal flaw as a writer and all around creative kicked in.

I’m not a designer. I know it, I wish I was, but I’m not. This didn’t stop me from getting on the journey of designing a map of city, Saenam, where most of the action takes place. When I designed the previous maps for the other two adventures, it was challenging but the scale was still manageable. A full city though?

It took me a couple of months.

 Saenam City Map

Saenam City Map

The adventure itself was finished quite quickly, regardless of the map design, and I am happy to introduce a new game mechanic from The Koryo Hall of Adventures called the Team Leader system. In this adventure, players will get a chance to experiment with this system and take the lead of groups of NPCs to battle strong creatures and maybe risk total party kills. This adventure is challenging and I hope it’ll be a solid ground for players’ enjoyment.

Please, enjoy the adventure, ignore the many flaws in the map design and as always, share your feedback so that I can improve in the future.

You can download this adventure in the book of adventures presented here!